Land Classification

A catch up from the North!

Its been a while since I last blogged for The Dirt Doctors! Therefore, I thought that I’d give you an update as to what’s been happening in my PhD world. Firstly, I can’t believe that 10 months has passed since I…
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Soil data, soil information and soil maps

Many have realised that global soil information is currently inadequate for addressing the global challenges of food security, water resource protection and climate change mitigation. However, only in recent years has significant funding been invested into soils information generation across…
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Musings on the Agricultural Land Classification system

In this post, Alex Cooke discusses the use of the UK’s Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) in planning policy from her prior perspective as a practising soil-scientist. Foundation for the ALC system In 1941 Hans Jenny published his famous ‘CLORPT’ equation[1] which stated…
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