Monthly Archive: October 2017

To Blog or not to Blog?

“In his latest blog post on science communication, the Soil Security Programme’s Jeremy LeLean discusses the pros and cons of science communication through blogging.” That is the question. Should you have you own blog?  Perhaps, but you could end up…
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Remarkable moments in my professional career

“In this short reflective piece, Johan Bouma, Professor in Soil Science at Wageningen University, in The Netherlands discusses his remarkable moments from his career in soils.” Quite arbitrarily, I have selected four moments that I clearly remember and that had,…
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My Career in Soil Science

“In the latest installment of our #YourCareerInSoilOrPlantSciences segment, Paul Hallett reflects on his interesting journey so far.” I have only met three people who wanted to be soil scientists from a young age.  All of them are graduates of the…
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